Monday, 30 July 2012

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid; Dog Days Review

Words Nicola Johnston

The book is a international best seller, written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney, written for children aged 9 and above, appealing to those who love cartoon characters and funny stories. It reminded me of Adrian Mole written by English author Sue Townsend. 

The third film instalment runs at 94 minutes, directed by Thor Freudenthal, staring Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron and Rachael Harris. It is a likable film and one that will make adults chuckle, it is full of wit, and the live action sequences are again punctuated by brief black and white strip cartoons. School is out and its summer break and Greg is looking forward to spending his days in front of the television playing his computer games, while his older brother played by the wonderful Devon Bastick lies around on the couch asleep and generally annoys Greg, but all his plans soon go wrong and the real adventures begin. 

This film provides uplifting entertainment for the whole family. 

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid; Dog Days reaches cinemas 3rd August

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Man Inside Premiere Interviews

On a scorching summers evening Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno attend the film premiere of The Man Inside. The knockout talent including director Dan Turner and cast Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas, Michelle Ryan, Peter Mullan, Ray Panthanki, Lennox Kamaba, Zara Oram andTheo Barklam - Biggs reveal the truth behind this very personal story of family and the devastation caused by the misuse of weapons.  The actors spoke of the great camaraderie and how they embraced the opportunity to practise the method approach to acting as was encouraged by their director.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Lorax UK Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Sarah Hartill and Anthony Bueno had a change of environment themselves as they attended the UK Premiere of The Lorax in Birmingham. Legend of TV, film and stage  Danny DeVito shares with us the fondness of the part of The Lorax with whom he lends his voice to and the importance of the Social and ecological awareness this film offers. Other surprise guests include USA Olympic Team Kellie Wells and Will Claye who love the city; and Birmingham born UB40 band member Robin Campbell speaks of his excitement of seeing the star DeVito.

THE LORAX will be released nationwide 27 July  2012

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dark Knight Rises - European Premiere Interviews

As Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is brought to an epic conclusion Premiere Scene’s Sara Hartill and Anthony Bueno attend the European Film Premiere of the Dark Knight Rises. Join us as we interview director Nolan about the development of the Batman character, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould lets us into a secret about the caped crusader’s flying machine ‘The Bat’ and Catwoman herself Anne Hathaway speaks admiringly of Nolan’s generosity as a director. We were also in for a special treat as HRH Prince Harry took a stroll down the red carpet!


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Disney’s Let It Shine - Celebrity Screening Interviews

Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas were getting into the groove as a host of UK TV celebrities attend the red carpet event to see Disney's new hit musical inspired by the classic Cyrano De Bergerac, Let It Shine. Join us as discuss Hip Hop, R & B and gospel music, the reinventing of a classic story and why Disney never dates. Interviews include Kimberley Garner (Made in Chelsea); Harry Derbidge (TOWIE);  Danny, ,Ben & Sam Allen (Playing it Straight), Billi Mucklow &  Cara Kilbey (TOWIE);  broadcaster & Journalist Vanessa Feltz.


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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Brave Celebrity Screening Interviews

Premiere Scene's very own Merida, Nicola Johnston boldly stepped onto the red carpet along with Anthony Bueno for the celebrity screening of Brave hosted at BAFTA. Join us as we speak to star of TV and Stage Denise Van Outen, national treasure Jason Isaacs and Olympic Athlete Roger Black. Van Outen shares with us her excitement of her daughter's first ever trip to the cinema;  Isaacs, no stranger to lending his voice to animation himself tells us the joy of working for Pixar and their great story telling; and could Black's athletics career been influenced by Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks?!!


Brave Review  

Words Nicola Johnston
The screening of BRAVE kicked off with a short film called La Luna, a story of a young boy who is coming of age, experiencing his fist day or in this case night at work. He joins his Father and Grandfather in an old wooden boat and they set out to sea, then they stop and wait and wait some more, what unravels I am not going to give away, as it would spoil the wonderful, enchanting surprise, but lets just say the little boy soon discovers something unique and magical. Enrico Casaros makes his directorial debut and the story is inspired by his childhood and the conflicts that can occur within the family. The beautiful music is composed by Michael Giacchino.

Watching BRAVE was a strange experience for me, for months now people having be telling me how much I resemble Princess Merida, OK its granted that I am not a princess, but I am Scottish, with long flame red curly locks, blue eyes and a heart shaped face, so yes Merida does seems to be my animated doppelganger, the resemblance is uncanny, even her characteristics are like mine, which is slightly unsettling. Putting that aside, I was very impressed and also a little disappointed by this film, it is visually stunning, so many colours, that Pre-Raphaelite red hair, wild and messy, all over the place, which says a lot about Merida's character, strong willed, determined and full of imagination, you immediately feel the love and passion that has been put into this film jump off the screen, but its not a Pixar great.
The plot is a little thin, with Finding Nemo we had the father son relationship with BRAVE we get the mother daughter relationship, which moved me to teas at the end and I was not the only audience member who shed a tear or two. It is very powerful, making you want to talk to your mum straight away! which i did.

Merida has no intention of hanging around for prince charming to arrive and sweep her of her feet and rescue her, for she can rescue herself. Instead she is off in the woods and the hills, riding on her beautiful Clydesdale horse Angus, shooting her bow and arrow, climbing mountains, free and happy in herself. However she is a princess and does not need to worry about money.

Merida is Pixar's first female protagonist, after 17 years of filmmaking, here we have a good, strong role model for young girls to fall in love with, to admire and to be inspired by, which can only be a positive thing.

It is set in the Highlands and I would have liked to have heard more of the Highland accent, and when I asked two young boys after what they thought, they replied that they liked it, that it was fun, they loved Merida's three identical triplet brothers Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, who bounce around creating havoc, but they did find the big bear Mor'du very scary and said he would give them nightmares, they were 4 and 6.

The animation is truly transfixing, it is extremely funny, it is moving, it looks into tradition and what is expected of you, and of course there is a quest and a lesson to be learnt, Children will enjoy themselves.

My last word must be the wonderful musical score composed by Patrick Doyle, full of bagpipes, fiddles and Celtic harps, dramatic, uplifting and powerful, the music is a character in itself.

 BRAVE takes aim in UK cinemas on Monday 13 August

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

DREDD - World Exclusive Panel Interviews - London Film & Comic Con

DREDD - World Exclusive Panel Interview: Part 1 London Film & Comic Con 


As the London Film and Comic Con official film crew Premiere Scene were delighted to capture on camera the world exclusive panel talk for the highly anticipated DREDD. Introduced and hosted by Adam Farina the panel embraced the opportunity to talk about the film to Producer, Allon Reich (28 days later); Concept Artist, Jock (Battleship); Screenwriter, Alex Garland (28 days later, The Beach) and Dredd himself, Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings). The panel talk about going back to the comic book roots and the freedom of doing something very different from the original film Judge Dredd.

 DREDD - World Exclusive Panel Interview: Part 2 London Film & Comic Con


As the London Film and Comic Con official film crew Premiere Scene were delighted to capture on camera the world exclusive panel talk for the highly anticipated DREDD. Introduced and hosted by Adam Farina the panel embraced the opportunity to talk about the film to Producer, Allon Reich (28 days later); Concept Artist, Jock (Battleship); Screenwriter, Alex Garland (28 days later, The Beach) and Dredd himself, Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings). The panel talk in depth about the facelessness of the character and  the  great amount of preparation required in making this movie.

DREDD - World Exclusive Panel Interview: Part 3 London Film & Comic Con


In Part 3 at the London Film and Comic Con official film crew Premiere Scene were delighted to capture on camera the world exclusive panel talk for the highly anticipated DREDD. Introduced and hosted by Adam Farina the panel embraced the opportunity to talk about the film to Producer, Allon Reich (28 days later); Concept Artist, Jock (Battleship); Screenwriter, Alex Garland (28 days later, The Beach) and Dredd himself, Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings). The audience get the opportunity put a question to the panel to ask about the stunts, shooting in South Africa and how this is very much an independent movie.

DREDD is released in UK Cinemas 7th September 2012

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Photography with thanks to Mike Jonas

Magic Mike Review

Words Claire Bueno

I have to start off by saying that I'm completely biased: I LOVE Soderbergh films; Out Of Sight being my favourite film. So when I first heard there was going to be a film called Magic Mike about male strippers I was non to fussed to be honest but my ear soon pricked up once I heard that the director of Traffic, Che and of course everyone's favourite the Ocean's trilogy was going to helm this project, along with leading roles starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughy then you have my full attention. I was not disappointed. 

 Magic Mike (Tatum) has a dream of being a bespoke furniture designer. Struggling to make this his full time occupation Mike has a number of jobs allowing him to save towards properly investing in his dream; one being a roofer and the other being a male stripper. Roofing one day he teams up with a young guy Adam soon to be 'The Kid' played by the up and coming Alex Pettyfer. Mike takes Adam under his wing and introduces him the proprietor of Club Xquisite, Dallas (McConaughy); both see the potential in the unassuming young buck. Adam's sister Brooke (Cody Horn) however is less than impressed by her brothers' new chosen career and as we see the film unfold we will see for good reason; even under the watchful eye of this mentor Magic Mike he can not stop the sorcerer's apprentice heading for a hedonistic abyss. 

Though not a comedy the film is packed with laugh out load moments, the performances of all the actors turned males strippers for their roles are superb. This is not just a fluffy movie to appease and titillate a female audience though it does that too, there is a story of survival and it's interesting to see how all the characters unfold to reveal what it is that really motivates them. Tatum having been a stripper in real life who proposed the story to Soderbergh gives an honest performance and pulled off moves that made me glad for once to be in an air-conditioned room - few that hot flush! 

 As you would expect from Soderbergh the film is shot beautifully with fresh camera angles that he pulls off so well, his use of colour (as with all his films) immerses you into a story which in this case is fun, vibrant and has great energy. The natural delivery of dialogue and performances provides glamour without being too polished or insincere. Magic Mike Soderbergh's cinematic wizardry pulls another masterpiece out of the hat. With spell binding performances both on stage and off, this is a film that will enchant both male and female audiences. 

Magic Mike totally bewitching! 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Chariots of Fire - Great British Premiere Interviews

Chariots of Fire Cast
Alice Krige
Premiere Scene’s Rachel Mullins and Anthony Bueno had no problem making it to the finishing line when they attended the Great British Premiere of Chariots of Fire. Join us as we Interview the winning team including director Hugh Hudson, cast members Ben Cross (Harold Abrahams) Nigel Havers (Lord Andrew Lindsay) and Alice Krige (Sybil Gordon) as they share with us how they hope the film’s re-release will help rekindle the Olympic spirit. We also uncover how a well written script about people, compassion and standing by your beliefs makes this movie’s content as current today as it did thirty years ago.

 CHARIOTS OF FIRE is released in the UK and Ireland 13 July 2012

Nigel Havers

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 Photography with thanks to Mike Jonas

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Katy Perry: Part Of Me - European Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Sarah Hartill and Anthony Bueno could be forgiven for believing they were walking on to the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Leicester Square London welcomes pop sensation Katy Perry as the red carpet is transformed to bubble gum pink as the young musician received her first European film premiere for Katy Perry: Part Of Me. Join us as boy band Lawson explain how humbled they are to be at such a prestigious event and find out from Katy Perry herself what it was actually like being surrounded by camera’s 24/7.

KATY PERRY: PART OF ME is released in cinemas 5th July 2012

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