Wednesday, 30 May 2012

iLL MANORS World Premiere Interviews


Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno & Mike Jonas were on their best behaviour as they attend the World Premiere of Ben Drew A.K.A Plan B’s directorial debut iLL Manors. Join us as we interview producer Atif Ghani on his belief in the musician, actors Riz Ahmed, Ed Skrein and Jo Hartley talk about the political and social awareness contained within the film, Broadwalk Empire’s Stephen Graham comes to support his friend, Wild Bill’s Dexter Fletcher enjoys an evening off! And director Ben Drew emphasises the truth behind his film.

ILL MANORS will be released 6th June 2012

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tortoise In Love World Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno were delighted to attend the World Premiere of a Tortoise In Love, the quintessential British romantic comedy base in Kingston Bagpuize. Join us as we interview star crossed lovers Alice Zawadzki (Anya) & Tom Mitchelson (Tom) About their debut roles as actors. Writer / Director Guy Browning on his motivation for getting this project off the ground and David Christensen, Stan Webb, Kev & Jo Lewis -Wood and Neal Higham tell us about taking part in the film, the comerardarie of the villagers and just what a special movie it was to take part in.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Red Tails Gala Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno were standing to attention as they interviewed the cast and crew at the gala premiere for the story of the African American fighter pilots during World War II: Red Tails. Director Anthony Hemingway speaks of his working with Star Wars’s George Lucas, producer Rick McCallum tells us about the dogfight special effect scenes, actors Cuba Gooding Jr and David Oyelowo speak about their honour working with the real life veterans and Allan Wilmot British fighter pilot tells us the importance of keeping these stories alive.

RED TAILS  soars into UK & Irish Cinemas 6th June 2012

David Oyelowo   
Rick McCallum


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Photography with thanks to Mike Jonas

Monday, 21 May 2012

Klitschko UK Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno & Anthony Bueno were boxing clever as they attend the UK Premiere of Klitschko the inspiring story of how two brothers from the Ukraine who rose to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champions. Join us as we interview director Sebastian Dehnhardt about constructing a documentary of this magnitude, producer Leopold Hoesch on the logistics of producing this film and siblings Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko share with us the trust they had in the filmmakers and what compels them to still compete in the ring.

Wladimir Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko

KLITSCHKO is available on BLU-RAY & DVD from 28 May 2012, 
and is showing in selected Empire cinemas from 21 May 2012 for a limited period

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Photography with thanks to Mike Jonas

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Royal Affair - Mads Mikkelsen Press Junket Interview

Premiere Scene’s Nicola Johnston had the huge pleasure in sitting down and interviewing the delightful Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as he promotes his new film A Royal Affair in which he plays Johann Friedrich Struensee. At the press junket Mikkelsen shares with us how his early career as a dancer lead him to becoming an actor, his excitement on working on his first Danish movie in five years and how he hasn’t ruled out the idea of becoming a director himself!

A ROYAL AFFAIR in cinema’s 15th June 2012

Words by Nicola Johnston

This film has many things to offer. As soon as it begins you are transported into a different world. I personally did not know much about that time in Danish history but I trusted that all involved had done their work with the historians; I was not there for a history lesson anyway. I just allowed myself to be swept away by the story, which is a gripping one, dramatic, with fairytale shots, falling snow almost like particles of dust cleaning the way for a new start, snow covered ground the blank canvas for new beginnings, pouring rain that reminds Caroline Mathilde of England, a line that is sure to go down well with British audiences. It certainly was a fascinating time in Danish history.

The film is also richly served with humour which is very refreshing, the comic timing is perfect. Mikkel Boe Nielsen's portrayal of the King is utter brilliance and makes you question wither he was mad or just labelled mad by people who did not understand him, perhaps a victim of someone who did not have the right help or medication. I would have like more information on his childhood and what happened to make him the way he was, child like, lonely, perhaps even bored to tears most of the time. Mikkel plays the spoilt child extremely well but he also allows sharp wit to come through when he is not getting what he wants. His intense mood swings perhaps hinting at a bipolar disorder a character that when week others swarm around him like birds of pray ready to attack.

On their first meeting Johann Struensee (Mikkelsen) and the king connect through drama by reciting Shakespeare to each other in a wonderfully played out scene resulting in a friendship being born between the two men which organically turns into a father son relationship which in parts is very touching. A powerful moment is when the king stands up to the council when they try and take Struensee away, we see very clearly that this king does indeed have a voice and a strong one at that, the character choices made by the actor are very clever he keeps the audience guessing about to what extent he is aware he is being manipulated by the court and those around him.

Mads Mikkelsen is an exceptional actor one that commands the screen. There are many powerful moments in his performance but the one that has stayed with me is when he realises his own fate towards the end of the film a moment in cinema that snatches your breath away, his work is concentrated, wonderfully detailed, intense yet very sensitive, he casts a spell over his audience. I hope one day he goes onto direct.

Alicia Vikander who plays Caroline Mathilde also give an intense and beautifully crafted performance but all the actors involved have to be congratulated they are all solid in what they bring to the story.

I don’t want to say to much about what happens because I would urge people to go to the cinema and watch this remarkable, fascinating story where it belongs up on the big screen and make up there own minds.

I myself cannot wait to see what director Nikolaj Arcel does next; graduating from film school in 2001 he has already achieved many wonderful things as a director and as a writer. He is ambitious, brave, and full of passion and vision, to cast an actor still in drama school in the role of the king has to be commended. Ultimately he cares about what he is doing and that is telling stories.

The film is shot beautifully with a strong contemporary edge congratulations must go to Rasmus Videbaek for his cinematography, the colour, costumes, wigs and make-up are magnificent, original music from Gabreil Yared is breathtaking and I must also mention the dog who is a real scene stealer.

The writing and structure of the script is extremely well crafted and focuses on the experiences of the three complicated central characters, one of the film's executive producers is Lars Von Trier who came on board as a script supervisor and helped in the editing, what a team of talented people. I would say the film is definitely not a historical drama and if you want a history lesson then read a history book; I believe more than fifteen of them exist plus a ballet and an opera. It must have been a daunting task to try and assemble more than five years of history into 128 minutes. I left feeling totally inspired. All that is left to say is Jeg vil gerne sige stort tillykke til alle der har vaeret involveret I denne fantastiske film. Jeg oensker jer alt det bedste for fremtiden, og ser meget frem til hvad, i naeste gang laver!

Mange tak og de Venligste Hilsner Nicola Johnston.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Dictator review

Words by Mike Jonas

A film brought to us by Paramount Pictures introduces Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest outrageous, sharp-tongued character General Aladeen to shock audiences across the globe in this hilarious new comedy, The Dictator.

As you would expect Baron Cohen has applied the same energetic attitude as done for his other creations to deliver yet another outstanding performance. A performance which has lead to him becoming one of the more recognised talents within the film industry today for both live action and animation.

Directed by Larry Charles, best known for having previously worked with Baron Cohen twice before to bring Borat and Bruno to the big screen, the duo team up once again to create more awkward moments we’ve come to love and enjoy. The decision to portray Aladeen in an actual story plot opposed to mockumentaries as used for his other alter egos has provided the character with a far better presence on screen already and one which is likely to be more remembered in the future.

The film also co-stars Anna Faris (Scary Movie) and Sir Ben Kingsley (Hugo) whose amazing contributions have aided in making this film one not to be easily forgotten long after leaving the cinema.

I personally felt after viewing the film during the premiere held in London last week, that the humour and crude references featured were delivered very effectively and were nicely structured into the story to an acceptable level which everyone can enjoy without taking offence. You will find there are occasions throughout the film that you feel it's wrong (as I did) to laugh, but if it's a laugh your after you won't leave disappointed during its 83 minutes of nonstop entertainment.

With the type of hype the film has already received before its nationwide release this Wednesday (16th May) the wait is nearly over. Once seen you'll be waiting once again this time for the DVD release to occur.

Friday, 11 May 2012

2 Days In New York Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene's Claire & Anthony Bueno were in good company as they headed down to Odeon Kensington to interview leading actors Julie Delpy & Chris Rock for the premiere of their film 2 Days In New York . Also the screenwriter & director of the movie the multi talented Delpy shares with us as a filmmaker the importance of being super prepared before you turn up on set and as an actor the paramount importance of great dialogue. Comedian Rock imparts to us his characters Mingus's unusual indoctrination into a dysfunctional French family! 


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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dark Shadows European Premiere Interviews

 Premiere Scene’s Claire & Anthony Bueno were fangful of the opportunity to interview the stars as the red carpet transformed to purple for the European Premiere of Johnny Depp’s vampire movie Dark Shadows. Join us as we talk to actors Eva Green (Angelique Bouchard), Jackie Earle Haley (Willie Loomis), Bella Heathcote (Victoria Winters/Josette DuPres) and Gulliver McGrath (David Collins) about their experiences working on the film as well as with the screen icon. Director Tim Burton shares with us how filming on the rugged South Devon coastline helped fulfil his vision.

DARK SHADOWS is released in the UK and Ireland 11 May 2012

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Piggy- World Premiere Interviews

At the World Premiere of Piggy Premiere Scene's Claire and Anthony Bueno caught up with the cast and crew as they reveal the story and sentiment behind this North London thriller. Director Kieron Hawkes explains that in order to get a script commissioned he had to turn to a genre that was commercially viable. Actors Martin Compston, Neil Maskell, Louise Dylan, Roland Manookian and Ed Skrein tell us how even the tougher scenes were made easier because they were working with a director with such a clear vision.

PIGGY is out on general release 4th May 2012

Piggy Review
Word by Mike Jonas

A story set in modern day London which focuses on Joe (Doomsday's Martin Compston) a shy young man detached from everyday life and barely surviving in society whilst coming to terms with the recent loss of his murdered brother John (Bonded by blood's Neil Maskell). One day he's visited by Piggy (Sherlock Holmes Paul Anderson), a friend to his brother before his untimely death, Piggy gives Joe a new look on life, teaching him about the world he never knew in order to face fears and the killers responsible.

After screening the film I felt the topic chosen was an interesting one to make as it never hurts to bring awareness to an issue with does occur in the world today. In some cases I did think some of the more violent scenes throughout the film were unnecessarily over the top in places and a different approx could have been used to still retain a similar lesser effect.
As well as the unique British line up already mentioned, additional supporting roles are also portrayed by Louise Dylan (TV's Whitechapel), Roland Manookian (RocknRolla) and Josh Herrdman (Harry Potter).

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