Monday, 30 April 2012

Safe - European Premiere

Premiere Scene’s Claire & Anthony Bueno were ready for action as heartthrob Jason Statham attends the European Premiere for his film SAFE. The action hero was in good spirits as he shares with us the enjoyment of taking a role that challenges him as an actor and executive producer Stuart Ford tell us why this was a script worth investing in.

SAFE is released in cinemas 4th May 2012

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Premiere Scene

Photography with thanks to Mike Jonas

Angel & Tony Press Junket

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno was excited to sit down with director Alix Delaporte & leading lady Clotilde Hesme (Angel) when they were in the UK to talk about their independent French love story Angel & Tony (Angèle and Tony). Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind the enigmatic Angel and how having worked together previously gave director and actor a trust that transcends words.

Angel & Tony Review
Words by Nicola Johnston

Angel and Tony is the award-winning debut feature from director/writer Alix Delaporte. It is an intimate and beautifully shot love story following two lost souls in search for human connection.  Angel is a mother (Clotilde Hesme) who is determined to reconnect with her son whom she has not spoken to for two years, due to something that has happened in her past resulting in her going to prison. She is scared she is now unfit to bring him up but her primal instincts and love for her child are strong and pure. Tony (Gregory Gadebois) is a fisherman who lives with his widowed mother and works in the seaside town of Normandy, he is trapped emotionally and lonely.

The two meet via a personal ad and form a fractured relationship, which grows and develops though out the story. The film is sensitive but brutally honest in it approach, the magnificent scenery, country roads, wild and dramatic sea and sky, screeching seagulls and changeable weather are a feast for the eyes and also highlight how the characters are feeling, married together with a stunning musical score(Mathieu Maestracci) that reminded me of the same magnificence of Michael Nymans score for CampionsThe Piano is a character in itself, a story that goes from darkness to light and ends in hope for the future. Antoine Couleau is a wonderful actor, totally convincing with eyes that melt into your soul.

The whole cast are fantastic, each performance is superb and honest; the film really touches and stays with you. The whole crew need to be congratulated as you can tell it was a real ensemble piece made with a lot of love and passion; I can’t wait to see what they do next.

A Film Made With Love And Passion, Bold, Beautiful And Breathtaking.

ANGEL & TONY reaches UK cinemas 4th May 2012

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Outside Bet- World Premiere

Premiere Scene’s Claire & Anthony Bueno were on a winning streak when they attend the World Premiere of the independent film Outside Bet. Writer of ‘The Mumper’ Mark Baxter shares his inspiration behind the book in which the screenplay is based. Actors Calum McNab, Emily Atack, Jason Maza, Jenny Agutter, Kate Magowan, Perry Benson, Phil Davis, Rebecca Ferdinando, Richard Blackwood, Terry Stone, Rita Tushingham, Mark Harris tell us the fun of working with such a well written feel good comedy and director Sacha Bennett tells us how encouraging ad-libbing brings a great energy to the script.

OUTSIDE BET is released in UK Cinemas Friday 27th April

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