Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Africa United

AFRICA UNITED tells the extraordinary story of three Rwandan children and their bid to achieve their ultimate dream - to take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Football World Cup in Johannesburg.


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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Wildest Dream UK Charity Premiere

Last night the Premiere Scene team were delighted to attend the UK Charity Premiere of the most incredible film The Wildest Dream. In aid of NAT (National Aids Trust) the event was also in the memory of it's ambassador Natasha Richardson. Claire Bueno interviews director Anthony Geffen and star climer Leo Houlding.

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Leo Houlding Abseils the BFI IMAX

Period clothing worn by
George Mallory and Andrew "Sandy" Ivine 
Dressed in gabardine and wearing hobnailed boots, British explorer George Mallory risked everything in pursuit of his dream of reaching the top of Mount Everest. He was seen alive just 800 feet below the mountain’s peak, before the clouds closed in and he disappeared into legend – Mallory’s death stunned the world in 1924. In 1999, renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker discovered Mallory’s frozen body high in the mountain’s “death zone” and his life became intertwined with Mallory’s story. Remarkably all Mallory’s belongings were found intact on his body. The only think missing was a photograph of his wife, Ruth, which Mallory had promised to place on the summit if he succeeded. Haunted by the story, Anker returns to Everest to solve the enduring mystery surrounding the ill-fated expedition and the disappearance of one of the world’s greatest explorers 

Leo Houlding & Anthony Geffen

 The Wildest Dream is a story of obsession and breathtaking adventure, told through the explorer’s poignant and evocative correspondence with his wife using previously unseen photos and archive footage. Anker and British rock-climbing prodigy Leo Houlding embark on their own quest to conquer Everest following the original North East Ridge route taken by Mallory in 1924 to discover whether George Mallory and fellow climber Andrew “Sandy” Irvine could have reached the summit. In their attempt they must free climbing the infamous Second Step, a 90 foot sheer rock wall, just as Mallory and Irvine would have had to do eight decades earlier.

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Thanks to Mike Jonas for photography

Monday, 20 September 2010

Made in Dagenham UK Premiere

Another great evening in Leicester Square as Andy Oliver and Anthony Bueno team up to get some great interviews and footage of the Made In Dagenham UK Premiere. Interviews include Sandie Shaw (singer) Daniel Mays (The Bank Job) The original ladies of Dagenham Ford Car plant, producer Elizabeth Karlsen (Ladies in Lavender), director Nigel Cole (Calender Girls), Roger Lloyd Pack (Harry Potter) Bob Hoskins (Outlaw), Sally Hawkins (An Education)

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Anthony & Andy in action interviewing Nigel Cole
Sally Hawkins & Bob Hoskins


The film stars the award winning Sally Hawkins as Rita O’Grady who is the catalyst for the 1968 Ford Dagenham strike by 187 sewing machinists which led to the advent of the Equal Pay Act. Working in extremely impoverished conditions and for long arduous hours, the women at the Ford Dagenham plant finally lay down their tools when they are reclassified as “unskilled”. With humour, common sense and courage they take on their corporate paymasters, an increasingly belligerent local community, and finally the government itself. The leader of the women’s struggle is fast-talking, no nonsense Rita whose fiery temper and occasionally hilarious unpredictability proves to be a match for any of her male opponents, and is echoed by Barbara Castle's struggle in the male-dominated House of Commons.

Sandie Shaw sings the title track of the film, which has been written by Billy Bragg and David Arnold.

Sir Ben Kingsley

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MADE IN DAGENHAM is released in the UK by Paramount Pictures on FRIDAY 1ST OCTOBER 2010

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud UK Premiere

Last night Premiere Scene rushed down to the Empire Leicester Square to bring to the latest footage of Zac Efron's new film The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

What a delight it was to interview stars Zac Efron, Augustus prew and director Burr Steers.

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Based on the acclaimed novel, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF CHARLIE ST. CLOUD is a romantic drama starring ZAC EFRON (17 Again, Hairspray) as a small-town hero who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. In this emotionally charged story, he begins a romantic journey in which he embraces the past while discovering the purpose of his life and the transformative power of love.

Released nationwide on Friday 8 October, 2010.
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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Kid UK Premiere

In association with the Nspcc Claire Bueno heads down to the Odeon West End for the UK Premiere of The Kid to interview Alison Carroll (Lara Croft Model), Jamie Anderson (The Contract), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Johnny Palmiero (Bonded By Blood), Augustus Prew (Charlie St Cloud), Kevin Lewis (Writer) Russell De Rosario, Sacha Bennett (Bonded By Blood), Mick Ward (Bonded By Blood) and a surprise appearance of Kylie Minogue.

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RUPERT FRIEND, AUGUSTUS PREW and WILLIAM FINN MILLER, as the young Kevin Lewis lead the cast of THE KID, a harrowing true story which follows the journey of one man fulfilling his dreams against all odds. As heartbreaking as it is inspiring, the story of Kevin Lewis is about a boy who rose from an abusive childhood to become a best-selling author.

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Town Called Panic

This film is truly Fantastique!

I was amazed and dazzled that such a simple film could be so entertaining, clever and artistic. I could not stop laughing.

Animated plastic toys like Cowboy, Indian and Horse have problems too. Cowboy and Indian's plan to surprise Horse with a homemade birthday gift backfires when they destroy his house instead. Surreal adventures ensue as the trio travel to the centre of the earth, trek across frozen tundra and discover a parallel underwater universe where pointy headed (and dishonest!) creatures live. Each speedy character is voiced - and animated - as if their very air contains both amphetamines and laughing gas. With panic a permanent feature of life in this papier mache town, will Horse and his girlfriend ever be alone?

Released 8th October 2010

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Tamara Drewe UK Premiere

Last night Andy Oliver was down on the farm .... Leicester Square??!!!

Andy Oliver
In aid of the Prince’s Foundations for Children and the Arts Andy Oliver gets some great interviews with, Stephen Frears, Roger Allam, Moira Buffini Tamsin Greig, Jessica Barden, Charlotte Christie, Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper at the UK Premiere of Tamara Drewe.

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Based on Posy Simmonds’ much-loved graphic novel, TAMARA DREWE is a comedy about a young newspaper journalist torn between two lovers. Tamara Drewe’s childhood home is being sold, and her return to the rural Dorset village where she grew up causes something of a stir. Having left as an awkward teenager she returns as a smoldering femme fatale, kicking up a storm of envy, lust and gossip wherever she goes. Tamara is the ultimate modern girl but her story of love and confusion is timeless.
Gemma Arterton

Tamara Drewe can be seen in UK cinemas from Friday 10th September 2010

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Dominic Cooper

Photographs with thanks to Mike Jonas

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bonded By Blood World Premiere Exclusive

Director Sacha Bennett and his lovely wife Marina
A Premiere Scene exclusive as Claire Bueno attends the Bonded By Blood World Premiere. Interviews include director Sacha Bennett, producer and actor Terry Stone, Cass Pennant, writer Bernard O’Mahoney and Tamer Hassan.

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Tamer Hassan and pal Danny Dyer


Bonded By Blood is the definitive true story of the rise and fall of the notorious Essex Boys.

In 1995, drug suppliers and career criminals Tony Tucker (Terry Stone), Patrick Tate (Tamer Hassan) and
Craig Rolfe (Neil Maskell) were blasted to death by a shot gun whilst waiting in a Range Rover in Rettendon,
Essex. BONDED BY BLOOD charts their rise to become the most prolific dealers and feared criminals in
the south of England, maintaining the hold on their empire with fear and violence until their untimely death.

Bonded By Blood is out in UK cinemas from 3rd Sept

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